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Glass Jewellery

Fun Fusing Glass (Intermediate)

Tuesday 5th May

Cost: £43

Silver Jewellery Making

April to June 2015


Morbi >> Tea and Talk Fun Fusing Glass (beginner)

“Pay As You Sew”

Thursday 23rd April to 28th May

Cost: £70 (six weeks); £15 (one class)

Beaded Jewellery

Saturday 2nd May

Cost: £10

Fun Fusing Glass (Beginner)

Wednesday 29th April

Cost: £30

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Tea and Talk

Sunday 19th May

Cost: £15

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An introduction to Printmaking

Thursday 13th May to 10th June (5 weeks)

Cost: £70 (sx weeks); £15 (single class)

Lovely Lamp Shades

Friday 15th May

Cost: £10

Silver Jewellery Making

Saturday 9th / 23rd May or 20th June

Cost: £45 (per workshop)

Hexagon Patchwork

Tuesday 19th May until 9th June

Cost:£10 for initial class; £35 for course course

An introduction to Bookbinding

Saturday 6th June

Cost: £40

Turn T-shirts into cushions

Thursday 18th June

Cost: £8

Introduction to Glass Jewellery

Monday 25th May or Thursday 4th June

Cost: £28

introduction to bookbinding -sold out Turn T-shirts into Cushions Hexagon Patchwork-sold out More Info>> An introduction to Printmaking- SOLD OUT More Info>> More Info>> More Info>>

Creative Writing Masterclass

Saturday 16th May

Cost: £30

Poetry Hothouse

Saturday 16th May

Cost: £30

Poetry Hothouse
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Writing Workshops:

Creative Writing Masterclass

with Deirdre Cartmill

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